Sunday, June 09, 2013

Fire & Water

Yesterday, the Guerrilla Painter, his sister Becky and I participated as designated plein air painters in the annual open house for the Fort Collins Waterworks. This historic facility was first proposed in 1880, and the first part was built in 1883.

There were displays showing the results of  an excavation, explanations of how the pumps were powered by water pressure, and volunteers teaching about how ditches were dug in the 19th century, using horses.

  The motivating factor for the pioneers back in 1880 was to have enough water, and water pressure, to fight fire. Modern firemen and their firetrucks were on hand at this event yesterday, and it was a solemn reminder of the destructive wildfire that began one year ago today. Although we weren't directly affected, it was so close. The hills are black. Many friends were evacuated, some lost their homes, and one friend was killed.

This is Becky's pastel from the morning of June 9, 2012. We were out painting and we spotted a tiny wisp of smoke on the horizon.

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lady guerrilla painter said...

As I was sketching the old part of the building, the Guerrilla Painter came over and asked how I was doing. I said I was having trouble with the proportions, and he made the pithy comment, "Art isn't about proportions." Can't argue with that. Then I realized that I could make it easier by using sight-size.