Sunday, December 20, 2009

Art for the Animals Project

This is a blog about the Art for the Animals Project begun by Sheila Tajima and Carrie Jacobson, which encourages artists to visit an animal shelter or rescue, do sketches of one or more of the animals and donate the painting (or drawing). The shelter can use the painting however it wishes, to auction off, to donate to the person who adopts the animal or to a volunteer, to reproduce as note cards or for publicity purposes. The artist receives recognition and a donation receipt for tax purposes. The blog will also post paintings for additional recognition.

Not only dogs and cats are featured, but also horses, a lamb, a goat, a ferret and even a pig. I suppose most of the paintings are done from photos, but it would be more fun to do them on-the-spot from life. Good practice for capturing the essence of something in a limited time.

Of course, you should contact the shelter first to make arrangements. This would be a way to get motivated and also to try different techniques you've been thinking of, such as off-the-wall colors, dramatic compositions, close-ups, abstract brushstrokes or washes, etc. Invite your friends.

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