Monday, August 29, 2005

Greetings, plein-air painters. Lady guerrilla here,

I'm interested in unconventional, non-competitive uses of painting. You might call it amateur painting, but only in the best sense of the word - doing something for the love of it. Dream-driven. This might include such things as:
~ painting as journaling; making a record of the season, a certain place, or a trip.
~ therapy for stress & overwork (what's that, you may ask...)
~ learning about the world by paying special attention to colors, shadows, proportion, etc. in whatever environment you might find yourself.
~ celebration, when you find yourself witnessing a unique event or creature, slant of light, color combination, etc.
~ playfulness or expressiveness (sometimes you just need to let loose) This might include painting on the walls, woodwork or furniture. What the heck.
~ how can you study the cause-and-effect that takes place on your palette & panel and NOT have insight into everyday interactions...?

This blog will cover the wide territory of painting outdoors (or on-site, wherever you might be). You may send questions & comments to my compatriot:

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